How to show new page after submit button

Hi All,

I am working on the one requirement, we have two pages:

First page: We will get 4 inputs from user, after user submit the input to get the data from Mongo DB its taking 2-5 mins, after successful data retrieval from database, I want to show the metrics in Another page. How to do that?

I have used below logic but still its not working:

        submit = st.checkbox("Submit")

        # -- Check the session variables
        if submit:
            b_check = self.fetch_all_request_id(start_date, end_date)

            if b_check:
                print("I am here", b_check)

Any help will be much appreciated

Hey @Sriganesh_Palani,

Thanks for sharing your question!

Can you please share a runnable code snippet and elaborate on what you mean by β€œit’s not working”?

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