How to upload a pdf file in streamlit

How to upload a .pdf file in streamlit and then process it futher to extract the information .

Hello @Gyanaranjan_pathi, welcome to the Streamlit forums :slight_smile:

import streamlit as st

uploaded_file = st.file_uploader('Choose your .pdf file', type="pdf")
if uploaded_file is not None:
    df = extract_data(uploaded_file)
  • Then your PDF upload will be available as a StringIO object in the uploaded_file variable, so now to extract data from the PDF, you will need a Python library that can read your pdf as StringIO or a filelike object.

I used pdfplumber to extract tables from PDFs in one of my Streamlit apps, pdfplumber.load accepts StringIO so you can do :

def extract_data(feed):
    data = []
    with pdfplumber.load(feed) as pdf:
        pages = pdf.pages
        for p in pages:
    return None # build more code to return a dataframe 

but there are multiple other librairies like camelot, tabula-py or pdfminersix and I had to test multiple ones for my use case before going with pdfplumber so you may need to test multiple ones too depending on the info you need to extract !

Hope this helps :wink:


Thank you @andfanilo

@andfanilo, I came across this discussion while looking for PDF file upload and analysis. I am working on PDF files using ‘pdfminer.six’ . I could not find anything in documentation to load file(st.file_uploader object) like you mentioned for pdfplumber.

Any suggestions on handling pdf files using pdfminer.six library in streamlit app will be very helpful. Thanks:)

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Don’t have a lot of experience with pdfminer.six but at least the following seems to work with Streamlit’s file uploader:

import pdfminer
from pdfminer.high_level import extract_pages
import streamlit as st


uploaded_file = st.file_uploader("Choose a file", "pdf")
if uploaded_file is not None:
    for page_layout in extract_pages(uploaded_file):
        for element in page_layout:

Hope this can serve as a good starting point.


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Hi @andfanilo , I am working on a use-case of extracting tabular data from pdf files. For this, I am using camelot as a table extraction library. How to parse the pdf uploaded through st.file_uploader() and pass it to camelot. As per my understanding from camelot documentation, camelot.read_pdf() only accepts file path as input.

Hello @santosh_boina

If it absolutely requires a filepath and not a File-related object, you could try to write the uploaded file in a temporary folder and provide camelot with the URl to said file, then destroy the temporary file at the end of the job. You can copy the following bit of code:

Hope this gets you started!

Hello @santosh_boina, you might have better luck with this bit of code instead, which fixes a bug in the former:

How to render a pdf file in streamlit?

def show_pdf(file_path):
with open(file_path,“rb”) as f:
base64_pdf = base64.b64encode(‘utf-8’)
pdf_display = F’’
st.markdown(pdf_display, unsafe_allow_html=True)

show_pdf('C:/Users/Tarun/Downloads/SOFTWARE ENGINEERING NOTES.pdf')

I tried this, but neither pdf displays nor any errror msg. Pls help…

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Did you find a solution?

no, it doesn’t work

well, pdfplumber.load just doesn’t work