How to use SSL certificates?

Hi, I have both cert and key file. But i dont know how to add them to streamlit. I am using a window server.
I am running simple snippet to access camera.

from streamlit_webrtc import webrtc_streamer
import av
class VideoProcessor:
    def recv(self, frame):
        img = frame.to_ndarray(format="bgr24")
        flipped = img[::-1,:,:]
        return av.VideoFrame.from_ndarray(flipped, format="bgr24")
webrtc_streamer(key="example", video_processor_factory=VideoProcessor)

Streamlit doesnt come with SSL support out of the box. So my understanding is you cant use them with streamlit. You might need something like nginx in front of streamlit for SSL termination

That’s correct, Streamlit doesn’t come with SSL support, but I wouldn’t re-phrase it as “the Streamlit project boundaries stop before…” rather than “can’t use them”

That’s correct, using nginix or Apache2 is the recommendation, assuming the user doesn’t want to use Streamlit Cloud or another service providing SSL functionality. Our deployment wiki has several examples of how to do this:


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