Hyperlink to an apps URL scheme API

I’m working on an app that interacts with the Things3 todo-list manager. Things3 has a URL scheme such that when someone goes to a URL such as things:///add?title=hello it will add a todo to their inbox with the title “hello”. My app returns URLs in the scheme format so the user can quickly add processed todos to their list.

The problem I’m having is that hyperlinks using either st.markdown() or st.write() will not open the URL at all. It appears as though st.markdown() and st.write() only work with HTTP URLs. I’m starting to think, however, that this is mostly a security feature of the browser. Chrome will open it but appears to block the URL. Safari, however, won’t open the link at all.

I’ve seen the bokeh workaround for opening links but I wanted to avoid that as it seemed slow. Any thoughts? Thanks.