I am trying to deploy an app

The app depends on code within the repository. So, I basically have to execute pip install ., before running the app. However, during the deployment process, I get only this rather uninformative error log:

🚀 Starting up repository: 'chebi-tools', branch: 'main', main module: 'app.py'
[22:50:50] 🐙 Cloning repository...
[22:50:51] 🐙 failed
[22:51:01] 🐙 failed
[22:51:12] 🐙 failed
[22:51:22] 🐙 failed
[22:51:33] 🐙 failed
[22:51:43] 🐙 Failed to download the sources for repository: 'chebi-tools', branch: 'main', main module: 'app.py'
[22:51:43] 🐙 Make sure the repository and the branch exist and you have write access to it, and then reboot the app.

The repository exists and I do have write permissions.

Can you share the link to the deployed app?