I have sklearn version 0.24.1 but it is showing me this error in my streamlit app....don't know how to solve this

@Ritvik07Mahajan Let’s try doing a clean install of Streamlit following this guide How to clean install Streamlit — Streamlit 0.82.0 documentation

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Success :partying_face:! Conflicting versions of Python caused the error. Here’s how we resolved the issue:

  1. If you don’t have Anaconda install yet, follow the steps provided on the Anaconda installation page.

  2. Follow the steps provided by Anaconda to set up and manage your environment using the Anaconda Navigator.

  3. Select the “:arrow_forward:” icon next to your new environment. Then select “Open terminal”:

  4. In the terminal that appears, install your Python packages:

    pip install streamlit Pillow joblib scikit-learn matplotlib
  5. Run your app:

    streamlit run app.py

Your app should appear in a new tab in your web browser!

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Source: How to clean install Streamlit — Streamlit 0.82.0 documentation

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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hello, can we change the theme of streamlit app from light to dark mode??