Iam working a project my streamlit webapplicaiton it should connect to my minio server

good evening gentleman & helper!!!
so as i pursing my bachelors in computer science and i am working on project that is using stream web application it should connect to my minio server and in web application it should display all the buckets and objects which is from minio server and it should perform data lake operations in raw data bucket and in clean bucket it should clean and finally it should analyze the data in analyze bucket and it should display the quality and report of that data so please provide me the code i was fed up and i was strucked to complete my project it would be helpful alot and thanking you in advance

Hi @R_Prashanth,

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  1. Donโ€™t ask the community to build your app for you. Our community is a great resource to help you understand the errors youโ€™re seeing, suggest resources that might be helpful, share helpful code snippets, and point you in the right direction as you build your app.

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