Introducing JADE open beta

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Hello everybody,
First of all, I wanted to thanks the streamlit community for this amazing tool and for the help to build this app.

I did this app during the last few weeks and it is still in beta let’s say. The app is fully fonctional but I am guessing some small bugs still remain. That’s why I post it here first. So the streamlit community, that already know the tool, can be a bit more helpfull if an error occur.

JADE is a chatbot that interacts with multiple AI models simultaneously. Here a small presentation of JADE features, more details and demos on the home page of the app.

:key: Key Features:

  • Multiple models: Incorporate various AI models in a single dialogue.
  • At the same time: Interact with multiple AI models simultaneously.
  • All normal chat features: Enjoy essential chat features like message editing, deletion, and more.
  • Embedding and semantic search: Utilize semantic search and embeddings for accurate question-answering.
  • Library and documents: Access an integrated library for accurate answers.

:moneybag: Pay for what you use:

  • Pay by the token: Flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing model.
  • Choose your models: Configure and use the AI models of your choice.
  • Track usage: Monitor the number of requests made and associated costs.

:lock: Security:

  • Private and secure connection: Protect your data through secure connections.
  • Your data and privacy: Prioritize data privacy with exclusive access and control.
  • Zero Data Usage for Model Training: Ensure data privacy during interactions with AI models.

:point_right: Click here to access JADE and check the demos!

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below.

Happy chatting with JADE! :robot::speech_balloon:

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You should remove the query parameters after the user has logged in and out.

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This is such an outstanding app! Thanks for sharing, Adrien!

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