Is there a way to batch submit forms?

Hii, I’m currently looking to allow users to add multiple forms. Is there a way to have only a singular submit button that batch sends the data of all the forms? Here’s the current code where users get to add however many number of forms they’d like:

number_of_forms = st.number_input("Number of forms to be filled")
for n in range(0, number_of_forms):
        with st.sidebar.form(f"manual_add_form_{n}"):
            length = st.number_input("Enter length")
            breadth = st.number_input("Enter breadth")
            height = st.number_input("Enter height")
            submitted = st.form_submit_button("Submit")
            if submitted:
                st.write("Form submitted!")

Worth noting that the method above will show a submit button for each form; however, each form’s button batch sends the data of all the forms, which is not ideal. The ideal scenario would be to have only a singular button after all the forms to batch send data.

Thank you!

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