Issue while installing streamlit

Hi Streamlit Team,
I am facing an issue while installing streamlit on windows machine.
Failed to build pyarrow
ERROR: Could not build wheels for pyarrow which use PEP 517 and cannot be installed directly
I am using Python 3.6.3 which is directly installed on windows machine (i mean no Conda env.)

I also did tried creating virtual env. and installing the streamlit, but same issue there as wll with the installation.

Please guide if there is any dependency before installing streamlit, or what would have causing the issue.
Please help.

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Hi @Mayank_Tripathi,

It’s difficult to say without knowing more about your setup, but perhaps something like the following might help?

python -m pip install --no-use-pep517 pyarrow
pip install streamlit


You could see this

One way is to explicitly choose version before 0.63.0, i.e. installing 0.62.0 should not give you the current error.

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Thanks a lot for the solution.


Seems i was using Python 3.6 on Windows 32 bit machine.
To fix this i have installed Python 3.6 on Windows 64 bit machine, and then pip install streamlit. This worked for me.

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