It's so anormly long time to process


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Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

option = st.selectbox(
        'Quel catégorie souhaitez-vous extraire ?',

    st.write('Vous avez selectionner :', option)
    clé3 = "3"
    for name in nom_catgs:
        if option ==  name:
            with open('category/'+ name + '/data_'+ name + '.csv') as all:
                button = st.download_button(label='Download ' + name + '  CSV', data=open('category/' + name + '/data_' + name + '.csv'),
                                            file_name= 'data_' + name + '.csv',
                                            mime='text/csv', key= clé3)
                st.text('💾 🧛  Votre fichier CSV sur la catégorie ' + name + ' viens d\'être crée.')
                st.text("Vous pouvez le télécharger !")

Expected behavior:

It’s abnormally long, the problem and that I can’t access another choice in my select box. It runs to the top left and it spins indefinitely…

FileNotFoundError: This app has encountered an error. The original error message is redacted to prevent data leaks. Full error details have been recorded in the logs (if you’re on Streamlit Cloud, click on ‘Manage app’ in the lower right of your app).

Debug info

  • Streamlit version: Streamlit, version 1.14.0
  • Python version: Python 3.9.13
  • Using PyEnv
  • OS version: Window 10
  • Browser version:Google Chrome

Requirements file


Additional information

Please help me , i don’t understand why is not good ?
I read other topic about it , but the result of other topic don’t good for my test !
I dont understand why file not foud because it’s good for juste one on my Step 2
That for my step 3 it’s doesn’t work .

Sorry for my english , I’am french !

Hi @Glaxer,

It looks like your app is running normally – I’m not seeing an error when I click the link. Are you still seeing an issue with it?