Join our Education Program!

Hello @everyone :wave:

As you may know, we have been hard at work building the bones of an education program for our amazing Teachers, Profs and Students out there using Streamlit!! :rocket:

If you are a Prof/Teacher/Educator: :man_teacher:
Reply to this thread to get an invite to our education group and help us shape Streamlit in education. Get free access to:

  • Access to our education forum for collaboration with other educators using streamlit in the classroom
  • Access to Streamlit’s internal company hackathons, seeing new features before release and meeting the other employees on the team
  • A chance to help shape a specialized Streamlit education tier in our cloud platform
  • Early access to a learning centre, that will give you extra resources including exclusive tutorials

If you are a student: :woman_student:
Help us understand what you want by filling out this 5-minute survey :point_down:
Survey link here

Happy Streamlit-ing!


For helping streamlit to be known in China, I have set up a wechat offical account named as Streamlit.
Now it has over 530 followers and over 130 people joined the dicuss group, we are talking about streamlit components usage and share experience of practice based on Streamlit friendly.
Hope it can give some help, I will do more thing to brocast the Streamlit to Chinese community.


Great to be here

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Dear Marisa Smith
it would be my pleasure to join education group ,

Mohammed Baz

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Hi Marisa, great to join your education program. Please let me know what I need to do.
Thank you.


I work with students at Columbia University and some of the work involves Streamlit. I’m interested in joining the education group.


Hi Marisa,

Thanks for informing us about the opportunity! I currently work with students from NYU Shanghai and would love to join the education group.

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Heya, We’re currently working to include StreamLit into our Data Science Curriculum :slight_smile: Would love to be part of the education programme!


Would love to join, I have a streamlit course.


Interested to be part of the educational program.
Few of my students are doing projects using Streamlit


Hi Marisa,

Thank you for this opportunity!
I would like to join the group.


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Hi Marisa,

Thanks for this nice opportunity.
I am very happy to join this group.
Recently, I created a streamlit app that can help me explain what is an Evolutionary Algorithm and what advantages and disadvantages it has.


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Hi, I’m currently a student but I want to make the shift to be a professor, I’ll be glad to be part of the streamlit education group.

I would love to join this educator program, if you are still accepting members. Please let me know if you need any additional information in order to join.

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Nice initiative. I’m a research assistant where i study, in the field of Dimensional Metrology, and recently we developed a web software with python plus streamlit to analyse the capability of some instruments data we had measured before applying a new capability index developed by us. We also had patented this software. For more information, everyone can check out here

We didn’t upload the software at streamlit share platform because we wasn’t sure if it’s a safe cloud storage platform and how long this framework could be alive. Some doubts appeared and we prefer host the app through heroku.

At the moment, i’m working in another software which will be also coded with python plus streamlit and we pretend to patented by the end.

However, i would like to be part of streamlit education program, if it’s still open.

I just recently finished my degree and used Streamlit for pretty much every single assignment I completed. Would love to help in any way to help Streamlit become more prominently used in an education setting.

I would like to be part of the Streamlit education program if still available in any way possible.

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Hi, I am a lecturer Republic Polytechnic (

Would love to learn more about the education programme.


也建立了一个Streamlit的微信讨论群,欢迎加入! :grinning: