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:school_satchel: The Student Ambassador program focuses on:

  • fostering a supportive community of students using Streamlit via our Discord channel and monthly meetings
  • enabling students by offering increased hosting resources, educational content, and awesome swag
  • engaging students through brand ambassador challenges

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:apple: The Educator Ambassador program focuses on:

  • cultivating a supportive community of educators using Streamlit via our Discord channel and monthly meetings
  • providing educators with increased hosting resources for educational apps and apps created for class assignments, ready-to-use lesson plans and assignments, and swag
  • creating opportunities for educators to level up their content creation and app building skills

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Hi @Caroline,

I applied for additional resources for my application that I develop in a research group at the University Heidelberg, Germany. Can you give me a rough estimate of how long the decision might take and how likely it is that the application gets approved?

Thanks a lot,

Hi @Thalla,

You should hear back from @Jessica_Smith within a week or so.