Metric Font Size/Display Size

I am using these st.metric() s to display data:


However, I need them to be bigger in size (one inch tall on screen according to specification) without zooming in on the page. Is there a way to do this with markdown/ unsafe HTML?

Hi @kevinlinxc , you can refer to this thread: Style Column Metrics like the Documentation - #6 by Shawn_Pereira


This seems fairly convoluted, isn’t there a oneliner CSS line I could use?

Pinging @snehankekre because you had some black magic hack CSS hack for my other problem

Web inspector if that helps:

If it was a class, I could do it with CSS easier but it seems to be data-testid

You can actually select any data-testid, the following should work (I have not tested :wink: )

div[data-testid="stMetricValue"] > div {
    background-color: chartreuse;

Worked like a charm, thanks!