ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'imageio'

Whenever i deploy my app, i get the error shown in the title. I’ve added a requirements.txt to my project, which contains the imageio package.


I can run the app locally without issues. The requirements file was created using “pip3 freeze > requirements.txt”.

What produces this error? From reading the similar posts here, there might be some packages that needs to be removed from the requirements.txt file, but I am not sure which ones. The file is located at the root level of the project as well. Github repo can be found here: GitHub - ThomB93/LogisticRegressionNeuralNetwork

Package imageio==2.9.0 is not compatible with any version bellow python3. Kindly check which python version are you using. Since you said that it is working locally fine then that might not be the issue. Can you please use pipreqs to generate the requirements.txt file.

  • pip freeze only saves the packages that are installed with pip install in your environment.
  • pip freeze saves all packages in the environment including those that you don’t use in your current project. (if you don’t have virtualenv)
  • and sometimes you just need to create requirements.txt for a new project without installing modules.
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