Multiple Classification ML app

Hi There,
I am happy to work with framework like streamlit…just created a app…“Multiple Classification ML app” for my client demo…have deployed it on heroku
[Multiple Classification ML app]
They were super exited and i explained them about streamlit…
Streamlit is super simple & intuitive…expecting more super concepts from streamlit to simplify the web apps…i am content with streamlit as it serves my ML & DL web app purpose.

looking forward to create more complex ones in the coming days…keeping eye on the strealit developments & keeping my fingers crossed to have long journey with streamlit…

Sekaran Ramalingam


Welcome to the Streamlit community @Sekaran_Ramalingam! Glad you are having such success with Streamlit and we do hope you stick around :slight_smile:

I love the call out on caching @Sekaran_Ramalingam :slight_smile: Caching FTW!

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Hi Amanda,
Thanks for the note…the @cache caption help me to win a PO from my client…
it is kinda marketing… :grinning:
When i discussed streamlit with my clients…they asked me how am i going to handle the big datasets…that’s why i created this demo and the @cache caption…apart from that i showed them demo & deployment on cloud within 3 days…which helped to GET the PO from the client…Thanks to streamlit for that feature…few big players lost the time to come back with the demo in short time…
in talk with another client now…with the same plot… :grin:


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