My Home tab menu get highlighted although the page doesn't show the content of it

Whenever I paste text into the text area under Project tab menu and analyze it, my Home tab menu get highlighted although the page doesn’t show the content of it, it shows the result for the text.

I have used streamlit_option_menu for the horizontal tab in my project.

Link to my project-

Just Click On Projects From Upper Tab Menu> Then Select ‘Prediction With Machine Learning’ From Left Menu>Then ‘Prediction’> and Lastly Select ‘Paste/Write Text’ From Left Menu. When you paste the text and analyze it you will see Home tab will highlight and sidebar menu goes back to ‘Exploratoriy Data Analysis’ button.

That didn’t happen for me. But you could try to hold the default option index for the tab menu in session state and set it from there. Lots of useful analytics in your app app by the way. Well done!