My streamlit is running properly on local but not on streamlit cloud

I have this folder structure:
The instabot is the open source module i made some changes and use here. is the streamlit applications.
The app is running good in local machine. But while on streamlit cloud it doesnot throw any error logs and also i do not obtained my desired results
Below images for reference:
This is in Local:

This is on streamlit cloud:

Any suggestions and guidances are welcomed and appreciated :slight_smile: Thank You

Seems instabot is starting a server on port 8090 which probably isnโ€™t allowed (a routable IP address) in Streamlit cloud, but is on your local machine.

can you please enlighten me here?

The fly.toml file has clues about a private server and its host/port config. Youโ€™ll have to find out more about instabot works. I am not familiar with it at all. I just know that st cloud wonโ€™t play ball with private servers run on localhost.

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