New Component: Dynamic multi-select filters

Hi Team ,
I am new to streamlit-aggrid. I have a CSV file which I am loading into a pandas dataframe and creating an Aggrid table on top of it with filters for all the columns present in the dataframe. I have also added other properties to add features like automatic text-wrapping for the cells and paginations, enabled pivot and row grouping etc.

My requirement is I want to dynamically resize the aggrid table size on basis on my filter’s selections as I want to avoid the empty space it is creating at the below in case of small no of rows.
FYI, my filtered data can have 1 as record as well.
Therefore I want to calculate the filter table size on runtime and decide the height of the aggrid table.
Can anyone help me and provide any direction on how can I achieve this.

Hi @Oleksandr_Arsentiev! First of all you created a great component! Thank you for creating this.
My problem is I am trying to apply dynamic filters on multiple tabs in the same page and I am getting the error of creating multiselect with same key. I tried using filter_name but that does not help me in this case. filter_name only helps me in the multipage architecture.