New Component: streamlit_apex_charts

FYI:Added treemap and ability to pass chart_options(dict)
with the latest version

These useful widgets were removed from component?
Yesterday, I can see them, today after I updated, I can not see them any more?
Can you recover them?
Thank you.


I can still see these, can you please let me know for which chart are you observing this?


I used the bar_chart
those functions just disappear.
current version is 1.0.2

Thanks for reporting, I was able to reproduce this too,

I guess this is happening when we try to set custom labels for x-axis,
only bar_chart is affected so seems like an issue on ApexCharts’ side.

I’ll try to come up with a workaround for this, or log a bug request on their end.

Edit: You can use this as a quick band-aid:

bar_chart('Bar chart',df,chart_options={'labels':[]})


got error

Please upgrade to the latest version

This is very nice. I hadn’t come across ApexCharts. Do you have any comparison with ECharts?


Hi Arvindra,

Apexcharts are just more visually appealing, but echarts are more powerful.


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I’ll look into it. I’ve become quite impressed with ECharts, but ApexCharts API looks quite easy to use.


  1. Do you have plans to enable chart events (clicks, bounding boxes, etc.) and send data back to Streamlit?
  2. I want to use multiple charts of one type in a page. Is this supported via unique component instance keys?
  3. Will you be handling Streamlit themes (essentially inheriting the active Streamlit theme)?


Hi Arvindra,

I do have plans to integrate chart events in the future but due to bandwidth constraints not sure about the timelines.

Yes you can use multiple charts with unique keys

I already handle themes, is there an issue you noticed?


No issue… I haven’t actually tried it yet :frowning: but hope to soon :rocket:

@akshanshkmr When is your GitHub link for this going live/public?

Added to
Streamlit App

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@akshanshkmr hi!

Wanted to use your component and it seems gone for now, right?

I guess you are developing a new version, so it is not available, right?

Sorry to say it will be gone for some time. :confused::confused:

@akshanshkmr Hey! How can I contact you outside of the topic?

Hi Akshansh, thanks for your awesome contribution! I tried to install streamlit-apex-charts but found it is not in Pypi. Just wondering have you changed the package name? How can I use your Python wrapper on Apex chart? Thanks!

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