New Component: Streamlit-chat, a new way to create chatbots

Hi, Thanks for the chat interface library.

Currently I am facing issue on how to include media into the bot response as the behaviour of respond I dont quite understand. What I want is to include the image below the bot response, instead it goes outside the chat container

How did you change the user icon?

            avatar_style="adventurer", # change this for different user icon
            seed=123, # or the seed for different user icons

supported styles -


sorry it does not support media :frowning:

How do I change the avatars, if I only have

“from streamlit_chat import message”

in my

You just have to provide values for the avatar_style and seed parameters (of message() to change the avatar…

Where are ‘avatar_style’ and ‘seed’?

Found avatar_style in message

Now, how do I change the bot avatar?

Is it ImportError?

Thanks Yashppawar, it’s resolved now.

Any update on when hitting ‘enter’, then it clears the input box?
And any update on better workaround for having the chatbox at the bottom of the page. Someone previously mentioned they’re working on it.

Thank you so much for this amazing component. I love it!!!