New Components: Streamlit-antd-componentsļ¼Œbuttons, tabs, meu, tree

I update the streamlit-antd-components,now buttons,tabs,menu and tree component is available.
Check out the Demo for more example.



Hi @ji_haoran

This seems an awesome component. I have a question though. How many levels of nesting can this component support. The screenshot displays 2 levelsā€¦


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Hi @ji_haoran

This is truly amazing!!! I see that you have really put effort into building this very useful component.

I have 1 observation though: If I click in the middle of a nested chain (sayā€¦ table22), the entire chain gets selected, right up to table 55). Ideally, it should only select up to table22, right?

Nevertheless, awesome component. Thank you very much.

God Bless :slight_smile:

in antd_tree,you can set checkbox_strict=True(that means parent key and children keys are not associated) to achieve this effect怂

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