New custom component: Streamlit customized currency input field

Check out this awesome new component!

This project provides a customised input field for Streamlit applications that is designed to handle large currency values.


Currently, the component has the following features:

  • Conversion of shorthand notations:
    • β€˜k’ is converted to thousand (1,000)
    • β€˜m’ is converted to million (1,000,000)
    • β€˜b’ is converted to billion (1,000,000,000)
  • Input field formatting: The input field is formatted as a currency field, including the $ sign.


To use this package, download the .whl file from the dist directory in the repository. Install it by running:

pip install /path_to_your_file/your_file.whl


Here’s a simple Streamlit script that uses the custom currency input field:

import streamlit as st
import karina_input_ccy as kinput

st.title("Test project")
amount = kinput.karina_input_ccy(name="test_field", label="Currency Input Field (AUD)")

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