New pilot: streamlit-community Discord!

Invite link: streamlit-community on Discord

Dear Streamlit community -

Somehow, it’s already September! We’re almost 3/4 of the way through the year, and 2021 is turning out to be an even better year for Streamlit than 2020 ended up being. We’ve launched a bunch of new features, and now it’s time to try and launch a new social channel: Discord!

Discord is a real-time chat platform that many of you have requested over the past two years. While we were never against having real-time chat, we wanted to wait until the community felt “big enough”. It feels like that time is now :partying_face:

To avoid making this too much prose, I’ve written a bit of an FAQ at the bottom…hope to see you over at Discord!

Randy Zwitch
Head of Developer Relations | Streamlit

Note: Like all other Streamlit properties, we strive to provide a safe, welcoming, respectful environment for all members. By signing into Discord, you agree that you will self-moderate your behavior; if you cannot do so, you will be asked to leave.


Why Discord?

Real-time chat has been requested many times from both community members and Streamlit customers. Discord has a lot of great multimedia functionality, but to be frank, Discord is free and much more scale-able for communities of our size.

What are the goals of the streamlit-community Discord?

At Streamlit, we’ve always taken pride in lowering the threshold for participation in the community. The community would be nowhere without all of you answering questions here on the forum, filing bug reports, writing blog posts, giving talks and everything else you do to promote Streamlit!

Adding Discord to the community will allow for community members to chat in a relaxed setting, and allow for much more informal networking and communication.

Is Discord going to replace the forum?

No! The way we envision this working is the following:

  • Forum: longer questions with code, things that should be indexed and discoverable by search engines
  • Discord: quick questions, ephemeral chat, general silliness and getting to know one another :slight_smile:

Is Discord a formal support channel?

Similar to this forum, while Streamlit employees will likely participate on a best-effort basis, as a company we do not have the staff to respond to every question individually. Additionally, in the case of the language-specific channels and vertical channels, we don’t necessarily have a native speaker or subject-matter expert to provide!

What if I have suggestions?

If you have suggestions on how to make Discord more valuable for the community, including languages, verticals or other channels you’d like to have added, please make a request on the #random channel on Discord.


Im clicking on the discord link but it is telling me I am unable to accept the invite

Do you have any ad-blockers or anything running or another browser you can try? We’ve been adding people each day, the link seems to still be working.

Yeah my ad blocker was the problem. Was a le to join when I turned off