New st.dataframe based on Glide Data Grid

Pretty excited about this piece in the 1.10 announcement. Could anyone elaborate further on what functionality from Glide Data Grid becomes available, and how to access it?

This seems super sexy stuff to be able to do straight from dataframes.

Would love to experiment with it :sparkler:

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With the 1.10 release, we mainly focused on changing the underlying library for the table to glide-data-grid without adding new functionality to st.dataframe. However, we plan to release new features for dataframe soon. Stay tuned for further announcements :slight_smile:


Thanks @lukasmasuch

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Glide data grid looks great is this available yet please.

A master detail scenario with GDG would be a great addition if you guys can try to incorporate please.

@lukasmasuch You should defnitely consider this for next update.
link to issue: Render Header level interactive charts for dataframes