No module named 'gpt_index'


I have already added “gpt-index” in the requirements file, but met the module not found error. The tricky thing is that, the module name is “gpt-index” when pip install gpt-index, but the name is “gpt_index” when import it. I 'm not sure it’s because of “-” and “_” in the different names . how to solve this problem? thanks so much.
below is the github code
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There is a lot of confusion in this fast developing LLM ecosystem, because the naming and APIs are changing all the time. Therefore always read the latest documentaion carefully! And sometimes even the docs does not keep up with the implementation… :neutral_face:

AFAIK you have to use:

import llama_index

The pip install will work with both of the following package names:

pip install gpt-index


pip install gpt_index

…will both do the same.

thanks so much! llama-index==0.6.0a6 and import llama_index works.

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