Not getting any output when deployed on AWS EC2

Hey team!!

I am using a simple example and it gives output successfully at my end, but when I deployed my source on AWS and it starts my camera as well but can’t get any output by this server end. It throws a statement:

2021-12-23 05:11:03.836 Track audio received 2021-12-23 05:11:03.836 Add a track <aiortc.rtcrtpreceiver.RemoteStreamTrack object at 0x7f6d2b7f0550> of kind audio to <aiortc.rtcpeerconnection.RTCPeerConnection object at 0x7f6d2b8b3310> 2021-12-23 05:11:03.837 Track video received 2021-12-23 05:11:03.837 Set <aiortc.rtcrtpreceiver.RemoteStreamTrack object at 0x7f6d2b757690> as an input video track with video_processor <class 'streamlit_webrtc.process.AsyncVideoProcessTrack'> 2021-12-23 05:11:03.837 Add a track <streamlit_webrtc.process.AsyncVideoProcessTrack object at 0x7f6d2b75a290> of kind video to <aiortc.rtcpeerconnection.RTCPeerConnection object at 0x7f6d2b8b3310> /home/ec2-user/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/aiortc/ CryptographyDeprecationWarning: This version of cryptography contains a temporary pyOpenSSL fallback path. Upgrade pyOpenSSL now. value=certificate_digest(self._cert._x509), # type: ignore 2021-12-23 05:11:03.845 Connection(0) Check CandidatePair(('', 50543) -> ('', 46481)) State.FROZEN -> State.WAITING 2021-12-23 05:11:03.906 ICE connection state is checking 2021-12-23 05:11:03.906 Connection(0) Check CandidatePair(('', 50543) -> ('', 46481)) State.WAITING -> State.IN_PROGRESS 2021-12-23 05:11:20.291 ICE connection state is closed