Not the expected deployment of my app (It does not show everything)

I am trying to deploy my app that has a chatbot and a pdf bot. They are created in 2 different files ( for chat bot, for pdf bot) and I have combined them in one file ( . The deployment was a success but it seems that it hasn’t deployed the chat and pdf bot files, I am not sure why since the are called in the file.

Deployment result:

Expected result:

This is the repository that holds the code:

If anyone could help, I would be so thankful!
Have a good day.


This may be an incompatibility issue of the streamlit-option-menu component, perhaps you can try exploring the use of different streamlit versions together with this component. Filing a GitHub issue is another option.

Another route could be to implement this without the streamlit-option-menu and place the 2 bots as a page in a multi-page app, then you can use st.button or st.selectbox to allow users to select the bot to use. Afterwards you could style the CSS to change the colors of the buttons.

Hope this helps!

I see, thank you! Will try the second route, hope it works.

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You’re welcome, hope it works

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