Not updating dataframe based on values from data_editor

UPDATE: I found my error. Note I’m using ==, as opposed to just one =, when assigning the value.

I’m trying to update a dataframe with data captured from the data_editor.

I’m subsetting a ‘main’ dataframe to the rows I want to show in the streamlit app. I use data_editor to show them and allow for updating of boolean columns. I have set the key = ‘data_editor’. I’m using a for loop to cycle through any data that was updated. Based on those that were updated I’m trying to update the ‘main’ dataframe.

Here’s the code I’m using to update the ‘main’ dataframe and then showing that subset. I’m showing the subset again on the screen for the purposes of testing. I’m thinking I should be seeing this subset with the updates made.

for key, value in st.session_state['data_editor']['edited_rows'].items():
    forindex = key
    print("key:", key, "value:", value)
    for updtd_col, new_val in value.items():
        print("\tUpdated Column:", updtd_col, "\tNew Value:", new_val)
        print("\t\tIndex:", Inbox_Site_df.iloc[forindex]['fileref'])
        Inbox_File_Level.loc[((Inbox_File_Level['site']== site_choice) & \
            (Inbox_File_Level['date'] == delivery_choice) & \
            (Inbox_File_Level['fileref'] == Inbox_Site_df.iloc[forindex]['fileref'])), updtd_col] == new_val

Inbox_File_Level.loc[(Inbox_File_Level['site']== site_choice) & (Inbox_File_Level['date'] == delivery_choice)]

In the above the updtd_col is the column indicated in the session state data_editor along with the new_val being the current value the user has selected. Here’s a screenshot of one item that was updated. You can see the name of the column here is “Step_1_Check_csv” and the new_val = True. The Index is being used to help narrow filter the ‘main’ df to the row that should be updated.

Let me know what more would be helpful to provide.

UPDATE: I solved my problem. Notice I’m assigning the updated value using double =, “==”, not a single =. All is good.

Thank you if you’ve taken some time to try to comb through this for me.

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