November 2021 Hackathon (17-18th)

Hello @Educators! :wave:

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween :ghost:

You may not know this but the Streamlit team holds an internal hackathon once a quarter to try out new ideas and apps. Its run over 2 days with a showcase at the end where some of us present the project we were working on. :woman_technologist:

As part of the education initiative, for the first time we are inviting all of you to attend!

Events are as follows: :checkered_flag:

  • Kickoff meeting November 17, 2021 10am PT
    • Marisa Explains It All
  • Check in on Slack November 18, 2021 10am PT
    • Anyone wanting to join I will add you to our slack channel
  • What I Learned showcase November 19, 2021 10am PDT
    • Show off demos and videos, share challenges and triumphs

Each hackathon has a theme, this quarter it’s: LEARN :mortar_board:
We want you all to take the chance to work on something new, learn about a new python package you have been meaning to try out in a streamlit app, or teach yourself a new skill, or develop an app for the education space etc….

If you can’t attend but have an idea for a cool education app that you have been wanting to make, let me know here and I can pass your ideas along to the team where someone might try your idea themselves!

Happy Streamlit-ing!


Hi Marisa,

Thank you for the invitation! I would like to try to attend. Do I need
to do anything (such as register for the Slack channel)? Will there be
a prompt or something like that to guide us, or is it completely

Best wishes,

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Hey @cdavis!

I will send you an invite to our hackathon slack channel to the email you used to sign up to our forum.

I will also be able to get you added to our notion pages and google meetings for tracking and participating in the kickoff and presentations!

Your invite to slack will come through shortly!

Happy Streamlit-ing!

Hi Marisa,

Just to clarify is this an invite for us to participate (i.e. build our own apps and showcase them) or watch others present their ideas? If the latter, I would like to sign up. Would love to see what others have come up with. If the former, I wish I could participate as well but it’s right in the middle of a busy training week.


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Hey @bogdant!

It’s the first option, but that doesn’t mean that if you are too busy to build your own project you can’t come to just see the presentations on Friday. (I can still invite you to the Slack channel and to the google meet presentations)

Also, if you have learning app ideas let me know and I can add them to our list (someone might find one interesting and do their hackathon project on it)

Happy Streamlit-ing!

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Awesome, thanks! Yes, please add me to the slack. If I have some time, I will try to participate, otherwise I will sit in on the presentations. I will also send around some thoughts on learning apps.


I think I missed this. Does streamlit have certification exam that gives badge

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Hey @Kareem_Rasheed_babat,

Yes, the hackathon was last week.

Right now we don’t have a certification exam or a badge.

However, there are courses on Coursera that are based in Streamlit. Maybe something like one of those would be helpful to you?

Happy Streamlit-ing

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Thank you. I think I may be an instructor on Coursera

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