Oh no. Error running app constantly

Hi, my app here https://pdf2anki.streamlit.app/ has been increasing traffic via an embed form on my website tabmed.hk/pdf2anki-beta as one of our marketing posts on social media went viral.

The web app works when rebooting but shuts off and turns to “Oh no, error running app” a few hours later. This has happened multiple times and I have to reboot it every single time to resolve this issue. Is this because of high traffic? Or because I am using OpenAI within the app? My OpenAI API key seems to be working within its limits so far.

Bro I have used ur app. But it takes very time for loading . Try to reduce it. For example I have uploaded an pdf file and started generated chunks. It’s started from 1/41439 like that. So, it takes so much of time for complete. Try to reduce that.