Page switching on login

Hi @Dinesh_N ! Thank you this is very helpful.

I can tell from the output that streamlit is being run via streamlit run .\

This is supplying the .\ to the path, and you can see for the Requested Page, we have E:\multi_page\.\pages\ with the erroneous .\ in the middle. This is creating confusion.

So I have two pieces of good news.

  1. You can fix this now by ensuring the .\ is not included. So you would need to ensure streamlit run without the .\. Hopefully, the code should work.
  2. We are releasing a patch to avoid this issue in the first place. We have found especially on windows, the .\ is added via autocomplete, and we should be more flexible.

Let me know if the (1) solves your issue, but if not, we should have 1.31.1 shortly to verify.