Place Widgets in a column and farther down rather than in the first row

Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to place a widget in an adjacent column, but farther down instead of the top. My use case is this. In Column 1 I have an image and below that several text input fields. In column 2 I’d like to add text input fields, but have them start on the same row, below the image to their left. Otherwise the text inputs appear at the top of the image. Thanks for any help on this! I thought maybe the markdown functionality might help?

Hi @Airmanf7 , you could try any of the following:

  1. If, in the 2nd column, you want a widget to be lower that the widget in the first column, you can add vertical fillers in the 2nd column. These fillers are just blank st.write(’’) . Use how many you need to adjust your positioning. You could also try using st.text(’’) or st.caption and/or combos of these.
  2. Build a certain of columns with st.columns, and add a widget in column #1. Then build the same number of columns and now add a widget but in column 2

The above depends on your need / use case. You can most probably use markdown too.


Oh cool. Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks!

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