Plotly chart render fail

I’m making some plotly line and scatter plot in a streamlit app (using st.plotly_chart(fig, ...)). A few of the plots fail to render and I see a frame only, with a “sad face” on the left, see attached figure. However, the underlying data is there, if I hover on the white surface I can find the invisible data points. Now, I can also get back a correct looking plot by clicking on the curves in the legend, making them appear again (and the sad face disappearing). Has anyone experienced this?

Hi @edvin -

Can you post a reproducible code sample, so that someone from the community can take a look?


Here’s code, data and a config file: data - Google Drive.
Once downloaded, edit the config file to point to the csv data file.
Run with streamlit run config_streamlit_debug.toml.
I’m using streamlit 1.5.1 (had the issue with 1.5.0 too though).

In my experience, the problem appears once the number of plots exceed some threshold, around 10 or so.

I also have the same issue. This is most probably related to memory usage, but not easily solvable.

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