Possible to have one streamlit server that showing multiple dashboards?

Streamlit looks great, suppose I explored and finish my dashboards, I like to share with other with new data everyday. So is my other 5 or 10 teammakes.

It’s unrealistic to start docker instance with steamlit running for each person. Is possible to have one streamlit server running that can serving multiple streams of python codes ?

Hey @chesterxgchen: This is a great suggestion. Right now this functionality isn’t in Streamlit, but it’s on the list for Streamlit for Teams, our upcoming deployment solution.

P.S Welcome to the Streamlit community!! :balloon:

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glad you like the idea, what kind of timeline for streamlit team ?

Of course, with streamlit server, one issue we have to concern is memory usage, as streamlit cache the data for each stream of python code, we might run out of memory, some cache server (redis or something) might be required. Hope the setup is still simple.


The main solution people use for this is to have one repo and a selectbox with a list of apps in. Downside is you can’t link specifically to any one of them.

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