Private Github Repo

If I am not mistaken, private repos cannot be deployed to Streamlit sharing contrary to Heroku.
My questions:

  • Is there any reason for that?
  • Is there an intention to include this feature in the near future?

@Berk_Demir I too stumbled upon this. As far as I know private repos cannot be deployed using streamlit sharing but I guess the team is working on that.

If you still want to use the private repo Heroku offers a way to do so. Please have a look.

I have specified that I used Heroku and Streamlit’s private repo problem is “contrary to Heroku”. I prefer using Streamlit Sharing.

Yes, this is intentional as part of our product differentiation. Streamlit sharing is intended to promote sharing of ideas within the Streamlit community. Streamlit for Teams (our paid tiers) is intended for use cases requiring more computing resources and/or where users want to keep some portion of their code/logic proprietary.

Both Streamlit sharing and Streamlit for Teams are in active development, so when Streamlit for Teams becomes generally available, one could imagine having different tiers/add-ons, including private repos. But as of now, the expectation is that Streamlit sharing will remain public code repos only.


I understand your train of thoughts. However, I do not agree. I was planning on sharing some of my works with people so that they can use it on their works. However, I do not want this code to be publicly available away from my apps. Of course this is not what open-source means. But my intention was also good without willing to make any money.
But as I said, I understand and respect this decision of Streamlit.

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Same here. There are private repos that we want to share with confidentiality to only few select users. Isn’t there a way to do that? How will this help even if private repos aren’t supported? I can’t imagine anyone who wants to keep their url private but code public.

Looks like just org-name/repo name works. This is a good feature. Thanks.

It’s important to note that this thread is roughly a year old. Since then, Streamlit Cloud has allowed deployment from a single private repo as part of the Starter/Community (free) tier. So my answer from March 2021 is no longer valid.


Hi Randy. I’m in Streamlit Cloud right now and it seems as if the private repo is no longer supported? Do you know when it will be back? And if not, do you have any suggestions?

Hi @lawrencewang, Streamlit Cloud supports deploying one private app and unlimited public apps. Hope this helps!

Hi Caroline. But it seems as if it has to come from a public repo? Can we connect it with a private repo?

Hi @lawrencewang, the private app comes from a private repo.

Oh it wasn’t working before. Good to know. Also, is there a way for me to have more than one private apps? As in a paid-tier?

Hi @lawrencewang,

We’re currently in the process of building a new joint cloud product with Snowflake. As a result, we are not offering paid/enterprise Streamlit Cloud plans at this time. In the meantime, you are welcome to use our free Community Cloud, which allows you to deploy one private app and unlimited public apps. There are also a number of other platforms that can be used to deploy Streamlit apps; our forum’s deployment wiki features helpful guides and tutorials.

Feel free to share more info or a screenshot of the error you’re seeing when you try to deploy a private app – happy to help troubleshoot.