Problems with streamline_book installation

First of all, congratulations for your app. We try to use the package “streamlit_book” and despite I have installed it through “pip install streamlit_book” and apparently the installation has finished successfully, it doesn’t work (“Import “streamlit_book” could not be resolved”). I have also tried to install de package through GitHub repository and I get the same result. I would appreciate your help. Greetings.


Thanks! I’m happy you’re using streamlit_book and sorry it didn’t work on the first try.

I haven’t run into problems myself, but I’ve always used the same setup (my local computer and the cloud -

It might help first checking if you can install and run repositories that are known be OK, for instance:
GitHub - sebastiandres/stb_chapter_demo_v070: Demo of chapter capabilities or
GitHub - sebastiandres/stb_book_demo_v070: Examples for the library streamlit book
As usual, clone/download the code, setup a virtual env, install de requirements, and execute with "streamlit run

Let me know if those repos fail/run ok, and your system characteristics (OS, python version, etc.).

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