Remote access problem

I configured my ec2 instance with 8051 port, but still when i run streamlit from the ec2 i see this error - " module ‘google.protobuf.descriptor’ has no attribute '_internal_create_key". How do i solve this problem. I am trying to use streamlit in ec2 and then open it in my local browser.

Hi @Sayan_Brahma, welcome to the Streamlit community!

This error comes from having an older version of protobuf installed, and can be fixed by the following:

pip install --upgrade protobuf

Hey thank you so much, this solved my problem. But now i have 2 links given to me 1 local link and 1 external link. I have already added 8051 port, but when I copy the links to my local browser, the app doesn’t open. What should i do for this issue?

When you’re using EC2, the URLs provided by Streamlit are a little misleading. To get the external IP address for your app, you need to look in the AWS console. When you click on your EC2 instance, a little window should pop up at the bottom telling you where you are deployed, the size of the image, etc…and in that window will tell you the public ip address of your app.

Ya i understand that. But even when i am copying my public ip address of ec2 followed by :8051, its not opening. It says cannot connect.

when i am giving this command - $ python -m http.server 8051 , then i paste the ec2ip address followed by 8051, it opens something.

Solved. Thank you

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