Scatterplot on top of an image

I have an image and I want to make a scatterplot on top of it.

You can take Gartner’s magic quadrant as an example. I have a dataset, which I am filtering using the selectbox in the sidebars. When all the 3 filters are selected say, Year, Region & Report, then I want to build a scatterplot on top of the image similar to what I just shared as an example.

Hi @sachinchaturvedi93, welcome to the Streamlit community!

This isn’t a Streamlit question per se…according to StackOverflow, matplotlib supports this, and Streamlit supports matplotlib. So I suggest the answer is something along the lines of this snippet:


It’s also likely that other plotting libraries support this functionality as well, such as ECharts, maybe Altair, etc.


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Thank you @randyzwitch !

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