Set HTTP security headers using Streamlit


Can anyone please help how we can set HTTP security headers using the Streamlit app? The webserver which is being used is Tornado 6.2

Trying to see how we can manage to set HTTP security headers to set in the Tornado server using streamlit code which can be responded to with security headers back in response from the Tornado server.


I would also be interested in having more info on this

Hi @vakula and @Oliver_Rock,

I know this thread is quite old, but wanted to share an update after talking with our product and engineering teams.

Unfortunately, Streamlit doesnโ€™t currently support setting security headers, and while we are considering enhancements in this area we are not expecting any major support to be implemented in the next six months. Given that meaningful improvements to the library in this area wonโ€™t be prioritized in the near term, we recommend seeking other solutions if this is an urgent need for your use case.

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