Sharing an App that is hosted on a virtual machine

Hello! I’ve created a relatively simple streamlit app and I have it hosted on a virtual machine. I’m trying to figure out how I can share the network url with colleagues as simply as possible. I need a non technical way that does that involve running a script or logging onto the virtual machine. Is there a good way to go about that?

Hi @drdevereaux -

When you say “virtual machine”, are you talking about Docker or a full VM like you’d run on VirtualBox or Parallels? Also, is the work sufficiently public, or does it need to be kept internal-only?


It is a VM like virtualbox. The data does not need to be kept internal but its only for internal use right now. The simpler the solution the better! It’s a somewhat large dataset so I’m hoping for a solution that can load the data quickly.

Given that it’s on a VM already, it seems like running it from your computer and using port forwarding is probably the best answer. Meaning, assuming that your co-workers can access your computer (via VPN or local network), they would type http:/drdevereaux:9501 or something to see the app.

This would be the fastest method for users, since they wouldn’t have to install anything, and by caching the dataset load it would be shared across sessions. But it does make your computer the dependency.

How large is “large” in terms of the data?

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