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cant login to the plot page after sign up.
Error: log in failed

Steps to reproduce

My goal is to have a landing page where user can signup and then login with their user-ID and password and then take them to the plot app page
Code snippet:

import streamlit as st
import sqlite3
import bcrypt
from sample import plot_page  # Import the plot page

# Database setup
conn = sqlite3.connect('user.db')
cursor = conn.cursor()

def create_table():
    cursor.execute('''CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS users
                  (uid TEXT PRIMARY KEY, email TEXT, password TEXT)''')

def insert_user(email, password, uid):
    hashed_password = bcrypt.hashpw(password.encode('utf-8'), bcrypt.gensalt())
    cursor.execute("INSERT INTO users (uid, email, password) VALUES (?, ?, ?)", (uid, email, hashed_password))

def get_user_by_email(email):
    cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM users WHERE email=?", (email))
    return data

def verify_password(password, hashed_password):
    return bcrypt.checkpw(password.encode('utf-8'), hashed_password.encode('utf-8'))

# App functions
def app():
    st.title('Welcome to :blue[Taiwo]')

    if 'username' not in st.session_state:
        st.session_state.username = ''
    if 'useremail' not in st.session_state:
        st.session_state.useremail = ''
    if 'loggedin' not in st.session_state:
        st.session_state.loggedin = False  # New state variable to track login status

    def f():
            user = get_user_by_email(email)
            if user and verify_password(password, user[2]):
                st.session_state.username = user[0]
                st.session_state.useremail = user[1]
                st.session_state.loggedin = True  # Set login status to True
                st.warning('Login Failed')
            st.warning('Login Failed')

    def t():
        st.session_state.loggedin = False  # Set login status to False
        st.session_state.username = ''
        st.session_state.useremail = ''

    if not st.session_state.loggedin:
        choice = st.selectbox('Login/Signup', ['Login', 'Sign up'])
        email = st.text_input('Email Address')
        password = st.text_input('Password', type='password')

        if choice == 'Sign up':
            username = st.text_input("Enter your unique username")

            if st.button('Create my account'):
                insert_user(email, password, username)
                st.success('Account created successfully!')
                st.markdown('Please Login using your email and password')
            st.button('Login', on_click=f)

    if st.session_state.loggedin:
        st.text('Username: ' + st.session_state.username)
        st.text('Email id: ' + st.session_state.useremail)
        st.button('Sign out', on_click=t)
        plot_page()  # Display plot page if logged in

# Run the app
if __name__ == '__main__':

@snehankekre please can you help with this.


@Taiwo_Osunrinde Please check your log in details, if there has any mistakes then fix them.