Space does not open; 403 Forbidden

Hi I have been using Huggingface space for several months now. Today I have updated my streamlit app and pushed a new change. Then the app stopped working and returns 403 error. I am not sure what is happening, and ti does not seem there is a known solution here. Here is what it looks like in actual screen. I tried different browsers with both private window or with log-in. I would appreciate if any information about how I might be able to fix the issue.

Note that I uploaded the model to hugging face separately, and I download the model using the requirements.txt. This has been working since I started using it, but I uploaded another model to hugging face today and changed the requirements.txt and model name in the python file. It works fine locally, but it does not on the cloud.

Thank you so much for any recommendation/help in advance!

Hi @egumasa, welcome to the community! :wave: :smile:

I think your question is better suited for the Spaces category on HuggingFace’s forum:

We can try to help with Streamlit Cloud deployments, but folks on HF’s forum are likely more knowledgeable about issues related to deployments on Spaces.

Snehan :balloon:

Oh sorry I thought I posted there but apparently this is stream lit forum!!!
I had multiple tabs open and I messed up.
Thanks for letting me know!

All good! Feel free to post the solution here once you figure out why the 403 forbidden message is shown instead of the app. I’m curious what’s causing the issue :thinking:

The app on Spaces seems to be back up now thankfully :smile:

The solution is described in this thread: I have 403 server error messages when I updated the repo - #2 by egumasa - Spaces - Hugging Face Forums

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