St.experimental_user.get("email") returns None

My application is deployed on Streamlit cloud.
Once the user logs in (using a module which creates the form, so I can’t access the email from it) I try to get the user email using st.experimental_user.get(“email”). This for some reason all of a sudden has started returning None, so users can’t access their cookies… Does anybody know why it would return None? This happens when it’s set to public OR private as well.

According to the docs, it is because

the user is not logged in or not a member of the app’s workspace.

where “logged in” refers to the streamlit cloud service (“using a module which creates the form” suggest something different).

Didn’t seem to be the issue because to use the app while it’s private means you have to be logged-in to Streamlit cloud service.
I found a workaround though by switching my login module to STauth, which puts the login credentials in st.session_state (e.g. st.session_state[“email”], which lets me grab it from there

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