doesn't show opencv-generated mp4

Hello there,

I am currently trying to show a video which is generated by openCV’s VideoWriter and codec mp4v.
The video is indeed there and playable locally, but won’t show it.

I tried with argument being either:

  • Local path to video
  • IOBytes format
  • np.array

None of this was successful, do you have any idea why ?

Thanks a lot,



My bad, I just got it.

OpenCV’s mp4v codec is just not supported by HTML5 Video Player at the moment, one just need to use another encoding option (most likely x264 for mp4 videos).

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Hey @virgile_b, welcome to the Streamlit forum! Glad you got it figured out :slight_smile:

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There is a problem that my local video can display but without voice,and the voice icon is gray that cant be clicked,thank you for the problem

@virgile_b Can you pleas tell which encoding did you use, I am not able to play the generate vide