Stock data and charting app

Hey Streamlit Community -

A year ago I posted my streamlit cloud-hosted app somewhere on these forums. Since then, I’ve worked on it on and off, and incrementally, got it to a place I’m proud to show off again.

I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from these forums; using different community-built components in the process. I tweaked the design lots but overall I’m happy with the out of the box functionality Streamlit grew into, particularly tabs.

The application primarily only uses pandas, altair, a datafeed, and some AWS infrastructure (and streamlit ofc). In any case, I hope you can pull the same conceptual inspiration from my app that I have from all of yours:

I’m a little exhausted of working on this solo, however, and would love to connect with anyone interested in stocks / data / python, so feel free to reach out.



That app looks fantastic!

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Wow this is an AWESOME app. I’ve seen so many stock analyzer streamlit apps and this one really is my favorite