🧊 stpyvista: Show PyVista 3D visualizations in Streamlit

Short answer is no. The implementation is rudimentary and the moment the PyVista plotter is serialized from panel, the communication is severed.

If your application relies significantly from interacting with a 3D model, I recommend you building a panel or a trame application instead. Trame in particular is really powerful, it’s basically a web Paraview:

If you are lucky this app won't have crashed...


Thank you for the quick response. Will look into using panel and trame, I appreciate the suggestions!

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@rahiq1000, and the long answer is yes*, but using an experimental feature included in stpyvista==0.0.17.


The source code for that example: stpyvista-tests/experimental/return_camera.py at main Β· edsaac/stpyvista-tests Β· GitHub

And check it out deployed:
stpyvista examples and documentation