Streamlit App for for monitoring the evolution of Covid-19 in France

This interactive dashboard offers different views of the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic in France:

  • national summary of the evolution of people hospitalized, in intensive care, deceased
  • status of vaccination coverage
  • regional evolution
  • evolution by age group
  • evolution of new cases over the last 15 days.

This app uses recent components: st.columns, st.expander, st.form :



Looks great. So many options and visualizations.

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I like this app alot and it gives me many ideas on how to structure my own GUIs. I would consider to replace the 3D Virus with the ugly black background with a lottie, they have the same pic with a white background and rotating, just include the lottie.json, I am not a fan of moving and blinking GUIs but changed my mind with lotties, they are awesome.

Nice app!!

Thanks for suggestion, I didn’t know Lottie but it can be interesting indeed. I implemented it using the Streamlit Lottie component.

This looks fantastic, congrats!

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