Streamlit Cloud for Education 🎈

Hi everyone!

Adrien, CEO of Streamlit here. Welcome again to the Education section of the Streamlit Forum. (This section is particularly exciting to me as an ex-professor!)

As some of you may already know, our cloud platform wasn’t originally set up with students and teachers in mind. This huge education section developed organically as news of or community tier (originally called Streamlit Sharing) spread. It was really amazing to see just how many disciplines want an easy way to showcase their work!

I’m excited to announce that we’re now formally looking into adding an Education Tier on our cloud platform. To do this we are hoping to get some volunteers to join the Teams Tier on a 3 month free trial to test it out and give us feedback on what an educator might need for a deployment service in terms of number of apps, resources and pricing.

If you want to get involved in this pilot, please reply to this thread with your GitHub username and email. @Marisa_Smith and @Dustin_Parkinson will be monitoring the replies to this thread and can add you. The more people that join the better picture we will get on what an Education Tier would need and if we can make it happen.

Let’s do this! :cloud::mortar_board::balloon:


Yay! So excited about this :heart_eyes:

Github: napoles-uach

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Oh! @napoles3d!

Thank you for agreeing to join! I will send you an email with some details and we can set up a time to connect :smiley_cat:

Happy Streamlit-ing!

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Hi I would like to test this out as well.
github: dbogt

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Hey @bogdant!

That’s great, I will send you an email with some details and a link to book a meeting with me!

Happy Streamlit-ing!