Streamlit fine on, not on

So, I’ve just built our meme search example and it works great!

However, we’re trying to get it running at and that’s…not so great. We just get “Please wait…” and “Connecting”

We’re running Ubuntu 20.04 AWS ec2-large. Our /etc/nginx/sites-enabled looks like:

server {
    listen 80;
    location /memes/ {

The root address ( works fine, so nginx is definitely working right as far as I can tell, though I’m a bit of a n00b in that regard.

Any help would be really appreciated!

For additional context (likely not relevant, but who knows?), I’m running this as a service under systemd:

Description=Frontend for Jina meme search

ExecStart=/bin/bash -c 'cd /home/ubuntu/alexcg/meme-search/frontend && source env/bin/activate && streamlit run'


systemctl status meme-frontend brings up no error messages or much of anything else